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Do you need some roofing work done at your home? Call Quality Builders! We serve residential property owners looking to get their roofs repaired or replaced efficiently. Our services also include window installation, sheetrock repair, and more!

Company Background

Quality Builders is a construction company located in El Paso, Texas. Our staff has more than 10 years of experience in the industry. We work closely with our clients so they can see the construction process from start to finish.

Our company does not rely on outsourcing. We take care of everything from the materials used to manpower. If you want to learn more about our services, contact us today!

About the Owner

Nancy Mercedes Longoria, RN BSN

Nancy Longoria grew up in El Paso, Texas. After earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing, she worked as a medical-surgical registered nurse for a local hospital. While practicing Nursing, our owner discovered that she had a passion for serving and caring for others. This passion motivated her and her family to start a business and serve the local community.

Claims Assistance

What Should You Do If Your Roof is Damaged After a Wind or Hail Storm

Step 1: Choose a Contractor

Set up a Free Inspection Appointment. We will examine, evaluate, and document all damages to your property. After the inspection, the contractor will determine whether it is advisable to make a claim. 

Claims Assistance

Step 2: File a Claim

Contact Insurance Company through their claims department. Inform them that your property has sustained damage and give them the type of damage (hail, wind, etc.) and the DATE OF LOSS. At this time, let them know that a professional has examined the property and who that contractor is. Your insurance company will give you a Claim Number at this time, write this number down and provide it to your contractor for reference.

Claims Assistance

Step 3: Insurance Adjuster Meeting

An Insurance Adjuster will Contact You to schedule an appointment at your property. Inform them of the contractor you have selected and that you would like Quality Builders to be present for the inspection. Confirm to contractor the date when your insurance adjuster will be out for the inspection, so we can meet them during inspection. We will discuss damages to your roof and type of work needed to take place with the insurance adjuster.

Claims Assistance

Step 4: Insurance Summary

The Insurance Company will send you a Loss Summary Report containing the list of damages and the proceeds associated. Along with the summary will be your first installment check called ACV (actual cash value payment). It is important to review this with your contractor to ensure that it’s complete and accurate. At this time, you will determine repairs to be made and products to be installed.

Claims Assistance

Step 5: Actual Roof Installation

Claims Assistance

Step 6: Insurance Claim Completion

Once your project has been completed, Quality Builders will send a final invoice with any supplements to the insurance company. This will release any remaining funds being withheld. This is called Recoverable Depreciation.

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